About Us

Working in the Financial Industry for a number of years and with individuals and businesses at different stages of life it has become unfortunately obvious that a knowledge gap exists for too many in how to answer common financial questions.  This results in many unneeded poor choices and outcomes such as overpaying on tax, not saving enough, unneeded fees, too high interest, getting stuck in inappropriate or under-performing investments, and taking needless risk in some areas while being oblivious to them in others.

Although we can’t help everyone, I do believe that by educating people about their options and the tradeoffs involved the vast majority of people’s financial lives can be improved.  Whether directly, or just by opening their eyes to the opportunities that exist to better themselves, and helping them realize even what they don’t know and need a qualified professional to help them with.

That therefore is the goal of this site.  To provide a one stop comprehensive guide for individuals and business owners, where they can come to find information to help them with their financial questions and broaden the reach of the number of people I can help out.  Further it is to pull back the curtain and mystery when dealing with the financial institutions where you can go in with the cards stacked in your favour and not against you.

Unfortunately most financial institution’s goal is profit first, and not to actually help you break the shackles of debt that pad their bottom line.  They all want their cut.  There further exists way too many unqualified “Advisors” who really have no business giving advanced financial advice and are just glorified salespeople who just passed a couple straightforward courses.  Unfortunately this first bunch give a bad name to the latter.   You only need to watch CBC’s Marketplace video to see what I’m talking about.  Working in the industry I find some of this behavior atrocious, and a bit shocking frankly.  But I have seen isolated cases. Fortunately there are also many excellent Advisors too who care and truly have their Client’s best interests at heart.  But that said, all Advisors are not created equal and there can be a large difference between them.  I hope I can help you to break this cycle and give you the tools in an easy to navigate format where you can find what you need to help yourself.

Excellent information already exists from numerous sources on a number of different topics.  However, I have found it frequently scattered, not comprehensive, and often confusing for those without a financial background.  It is the goal of this site to bring it together, and be a place where people can share and discuss what concerns them and connect the dots.  As with any proper analysis, you shouldn’t look at the pieces in isolation, but need to look at the whole as well.  As if even one piece is not working efficiently or in proper harmony with the others the end result is diminished from what it could have been.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on or what we should add.  We also value user contributions, and we hope to have a number of contributors from users as our site develops. There are a lot of topics to discuss, and we will add things as time permits.

As a disclaimer though, before implementing anything suggested here, you should always talk to a qualified professional.  We can recommend a few, and I’m also happy to answer questions where I can. But the first rule is before doing anything always do your own due diligence.